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Sparring partner, right hand and organisator

Online support for your business

With FreeSpirit Online, I offer a comprehensive package of services. I provide executive, technical, and strategic support.

A virtual assistant is a freelance professional who assists you by taking over administrative, organizational, and time-consuming tasks. This includes managing emails and calendars, as well as handling invoicing and generating quotes.

If you require technical assistance with tasks such as creating online learning environments, implementing automations, or making website adjustments, I am also available to help. As a technical virtual assistant, I specialize in setting up and enhancing various support systems.

Leveraging my extensive experience in coordinating and managing projects, I also offer cross-company management services. Whether you need a project coordinator or a sparring partner for your business strategy, I can professionally and efficiently handle these responsibilities for you. In addition to providing team management support, I can engage in academic-level discussions with you to help your business grow. I believe that by focusing on activities that energize you, your company can achieve greater success.

Curious about how I can support you? Take a look at the list of services below! All services are offered in both Dutch and English. National and international projects/companies are welcome to reach out.

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Practical issues

  • Administrative support
  • Organizational support
  • Email management
  • Calender management

Technical issues

  • Online learning environments
  • Automations
  • Website adjustments
  • Sales funnels

Strategic business

  • Project management
  • Sparring partner at academic level
  • vision translation into project plans
  • Team management
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In addition to the support mentioned above, I also build complete website / online academies or webshops

Would you like to get a new website created, modify your existing site, or build an online store or e-learning platform? Explore the available options by clicking the button below.

All services in a row

Executive support

Technical Support

Business Management


  • Calender management
  • Email management,
  • (financial) administration
  • Monitor debtors
  • Preparing payments
  • Checking data
  • Travel planning
  • Support in acquisition
  • Create and edit quotations,
  • Briefing designer
  • Document development & management
  • Administration & bookkeeping
  • Payroll administration


  • Website maintenance
  • Posting messages
  • Set up automations
  • Set up/ adjust sales funnels
  • Posting blogs
  • Set up / adjust online academy
  • Set up / adjust webshops
  • Project coordination
  • Project management support
  • Lead sub-projects independently
  • Creating project planning
  • Monitoring scope, budget and project results,
  • Delivery of projects with the right focus & quality,
  • Support activities for project plan implementation,
  • Sparring partner at academic thinking and working level,
  • Translation of vision / goals into concrete activities, planning and actions
  • Team management

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Let's get to know each other

If, after reading the information, you believe that my support could be beneficial for your business or if you would like to discover how I can assist you, please get in touch with me to arrange a virtual introduction!