Travelling is not for shy people

Travelling is not for shy people

I remember so well the first time I got on a plane to go to Australia. As a 22-year-old, I went to do my graduation research on the other side of the world for 3 months. This was my very first solo trip Fortunately, after 36 hours on a plane, a time difference of 9 hours and 2 sleepless nights, it had a positive effect on my nerves.

During those 3 months I not only built up a lot of self-confidence, but I also came out of my shell. 164 / 5.000 Vertaalresultaten Vertaalresultaat Of course, I’m still not an extrovert and I don’t really like being in the spotlight, but this first trip pushed me in the right direction.

And nowadays I continue to challenge myself by choosing a lifestyle as a digital nomad. I choose to take on new challenges every day. By learning to choose my own happiness, my own path in this world and to stay close to myself. By consciously leaving my comfort zone and learning to enjoy myself, even when I don’t feel comfortable. For me, traveling is not just a way to see beautiful sights, it is a path to the person deep inside me. A person who used to be too shy to come out, but is so much more confident these days.

The same goes for my entrepreneurial journey; I am sure that my company will grow with me in the coming years. There are still so many beautiful places and routes to explore.

I am very curious about your dreams as an entrepreneur. Feel free to share them with me! So, to all entrepreneurs, dreamers and adventurers: dare to take that step! Don’t let fear or uncertainty hold you back, but discover what lies outside your comfort zone. Ultimately, you will find yourself growing, both personally and professionally. And who knows, you might discover unprecedented potential that you never thought possible.

Let’s inspire and motivate each other to push our boundaries, because ultimately life is too short to stand still. So share your story, your dreams and ambitions, and let’s continue this incredible journey together.